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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 958 Too MuChapter Money sea unknown
the idiot stan rogers
“A particular significant-class spirit jewel will be worth 10,000 channel-standard character stones… And also a one medium-level spirit gemstone is definitely worth 10,000 reduced-standard heart stones… As for a single very low-level mindset stone… They’re worthy of 100 precious metal coins?!”
On the other hand, even though she cannot inform just how much this high-level spirit material was well worth, she recognized it was a lot of for a person like her!
‘How does the Supervisor make any profit if he’s having to pay me this much cash while generating fewer than? That doesn’t make any feeling!’ Mei Xing was confused.
Mei Xing quickly saw that she was not able to evaluate the number mainly because it was actually much more than her information! As clever as she was, she never had the ability to research maths adequately, so she only believed phone numbers as much as hundreds of thousands.
‘What a truthful woman,’ Su Yang chuckled inwardly.
Mei Xing quickly found that she was cannot estimate the telephone number just because it turned out far more than her know-how! As intelligent as she was, she never experienced a chance to investigation maths effectively, so she only believed amounts up to thousands.
Nonetheless, even though she cannot convey to exactly how much this high-class spirit rock was worthy of, she recognized so it was an excessive amount of for a person like her!
“Due to the fact we don’t have sufficient yellow gold listed here to exchange for the large-grade heart material. You’re simply looking for an excessive amount of from my smaller store, little woman. However, if you wish to change it for average-class or reduced-level mindset stones, we now have adequate.”
Mei Xing quickly pointed out that she was unable to evaluate the amount for the reason that it was actually significantly more than her knowledge! As clever as she was, she never got the ability to examine maths appropriately, so she only knew volumes as much as hundreds of thousands.
Su Yang nodded, “Go home. I am going to look at you again the future.”
Mei Xing then looked over the chart, and her sight immediately widened with great shock.
“What? Why not?” Mei Xing asked.
‘If just one substantial-standard mindset material will probably be worth 100,000,000 very low-grade soul stones… Exactly how much yellow gold is the fact well worth?!’
Not including the newly announced priority method, if Su Yang been working 24 hours a day, he’d be able to ma.s.sage 48 folks each day, which would add up to 240 medium-grade heart stones, in case multiplied by 30 days, he’d earn 7,200 method-standard mindset stones in the 30 days, which can be definitely a small fortune for a sheer ma.s.sage parlor.
‘Still, the Manager is especially ample to provide someone much like me a lot money…’ Mei Xing sighed inwardly, sensation like that she didn’t are worthy of a lot of dollars for the number of operate she’d devote.
‘Mother was correct. Cultivators are certainly prosperous. Ever since I think about it, wasting 5 moderate-quality mindset rocks on the ma.s.sage is way too much cash! Why are cultivators so loaded?!’
What is the intent behind the ma.s.sage shop if he’s not there to acquire money— even shedding hard earned cash?
“Have you thought about it?” He asked.
Mei Xing immediately started out doing estimations inside her brain.
Airhead: Being Nikki
‘Maybe the Director is earning profits through other means that I am not aware of? Oh yeah! Might be the customers hint him enough for any gain!’
“Since we don’t have plenty of precious metal listed here to switch for those great-standard nature material. You’re simply requesting a lot of from the compact shop, youthful woman. On the other hand, in order to trade it for medium sized-level or very low-level mindset rocks, we certainly have ample.”
Chapter 958 Too MuChapter Cash
“Have you thought about it?” He required.
the boy scout automobilistsian
“Just how much is character stone really worth?” She couldn’t assist but question.
“Exactly how much is that this mindset stone worth?” She couldn’t help but ask.
“What? Why not?” Mei Xing required.
The woman then pointed for the chart behind her and said, “Check for your own self.”
“I commitment you i always won’t betray your trust!”
Chapter 958 Too MuChapter Funds
Even so, whilst she cannot inform precisely how much this large-class spirit stone was really worth, she knew so it was excessive for someone like her!
“Indeed, I am. Does one thing happen?” Su Yang believed to her from the ma.s.sage bedroom.
“T-Thank you, Supervisor!” Mei Xing recognised the mindset material having a shiny teeth in her confront, and after that she bowed to him.
‘Still, the Supervisor is especially ample to make an individual much like me a great deal money…’ Mei Xing sighed inwardly, experience almost like she didn’t should have a great deal funds for the number of do the job she’d placed in.
“N-Not anymore. I apologize for your hassle.” Mei Xing needed back the mindset natural stone and started creating her back towards the ma.s.sage shop.
Now she was aware of the character stone’s price, she made sure to keep it all out of appearance, scared that someone might try and swipe it from her.
Chapter 958 Too MuChapter Hard earned cash
To suddenly obtain this type of ma.s.sive number of success overloaded Mei Xing.

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