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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2316 – The Defeated Victor cows wall
“What on earth is going on? Why have Next Sage become so stronger instantly?�
Medicine Ancestor leaving revealed that this video game was over.
The white-colored parts engaged your entire territory, exterminating the many dark-colored portions!
Ye Yuan’s Tai Chi diagram actually resisted Treatment Ancestor’s powerful episode!
This time, Ye Yuan’s article was similarly extremely quick.
Medication Ancestor opened up both eyes and stared at Ye Yuan since he reported.
Coming back anew resulted in this element forced him to continue!
rule of monkey
… Aged element, the final result still is not known!�
When around him, the effectiveness of Excellent Dao suddenly grew to be a great deal more brisk.
The Tai Chi Diagram bloomed again!
Atlas Studios
Ye Yuan actually forced Treatments Ancestor with this factor!
“Ye Yuan isn’t as overbearing as Medicine Ancestor, but his Dao seems to have a variety of amazing marvelous ability. His energy is certainly not robust, but they can always defeat the formidable as being the poor.�
Against Heaven’s Will
In the long run, in under just one month’s time, Ye Yuan actually unleashed a thunderstorm-like counterattack, forcefully changing the situation around for this level.
But no-one believed he suddenly lost!
“Ye Yuan isn’t as overbearing as Medicine Ancestor, but his Dao seems to have a form of miraculous mystical strength. His durability is plainly not formidable, but he is able to always defeat the strong since the weakened.�
“Brilliant! Really also outstanding! This move is actually wonderful!
But this time around, it did not extinguis.h.!.+
The impact that it world gifted everybody may be thought possible.
The individuals who looked on Ye Yuan, ridiculed Ye Yuan, these were now all virtually cheering for Ye Yuan toward your back.
In the chessboard, the original black portions will no longer experienced a solution.
Drugs Ancestor had his face slapped from this part!
… …
Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Many as a result of Remedies Ancestor for supporting me achieve my goal, having this Ye take a lesser number of detours. You gave Older Sacred Ancestor ‘Ask Not’ two ideas just after dealing with with him. Currently, why not … give this Ye two ideas too?�
“What worldwide is happening? Why have Subsequent Sage end up so better all of a sudden?�
Amongst everyone’s cries of exclamations, the territory in the dark-colored items started to be bigger. The Tai Chi diagram has become a growing number of strong!
Across the heaven and entire world chessboard, the territory the fact that black colored bits and bright white sections occupied have been almost precisely the same.
“Brilliant! Genuinely very outstanding! This transfer is actually amazing!
Remedies Ancestor landed a bit, the great challenge was lower back on!
“Difference of one half a level! A positive change of one half a issue!
Medicine Ancestor suppressed once more!
Medicine Ancestor’s expression already revealed all the things.
Treatment Ancestor departing indicated that this game was over.
Ultimately, Ye Yuan’s survive element landed.

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